Gerber Goldschmidt Group is one of those rare privately owned international groups whose origins go back over a century and whose control and management still vest in the hands of the founding family.

In The Beginning

In 1907 Meyer Hirsch Goldschmidt set out from his hometown of Hamburg, Germany, to proceed to Southern Africa as the sales representative of a Berlin Export Trading House and met with considerable success in the burgeoning demands of the merchants supplying the rapidly expanding mining towns.  The advent of World War I put an end to this operation and MHG (as he was known) was interned along with many other aliens.  This led to dramatic plans for the future as it was here that he met with old friends in George Griesbach and Jacob Gerber and thus the post war structure emerged with Gerber and Griesbach setting up in Berlin and Goldschmidt handling the South African distribution. A new and successful venture had been launched.  The post war German recession and the demise of the German Mark affected the business and thus in 1920 the partners decided to seek a wider horizon. MHG exclusively took over the South African business and Gerber and Griesbach maintained the German operation until Gerber retired.  George Griesbach set up the UK and American business and an associate – Rudy Pollak – who joined their venture, entered the UK business which was formally registered in 1925.  Thus a closely knit international group supporting each other both in their import as well as export trade came into being.  MHG is on record as having received a South African license to represent foreign firms in 1920, thus marking the registered formation of the company.


Over the years GGG expanded its global network of offices into all four corners of the world, enabling the Company to profitably conduct business with their international partners and associates in major cities around the world.

Throughout the almost 100 year history of GGG, the Company’s core business has been and still is traditional import and export trading and developing its portfolio of private equity investments. The underlying characteristic of each GGG Company is to employ highly talented management with their key industry experience and knowledge to drive each entity in their focused directions. It is through this model that GGG has managed to sustain its growth and success over the years and continues to thrive.

Today, GGG has multiple offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, and Zimbabwe.