How we support and add value to our portfolio companies

Financial Resources

Gerber Goldschmidt Group provides value by directing capital toward opportunities where our strategic insight and operational support can foster transformational changes that maximize the potential of a business.  GGG’s capital funding and finance is provided on the basis of sustainable and long-term value and growth creation.  GGG supports its portfolio investments with working capital, project finance, short-term loans, and mezzanine capital.  Beyond direct cash injection, GGG has expertise in cash and liquidity management including modeling, tracking, and cash generation.

International Relationships and Network

Gerber Goldschmidt Group provides its portfolio companies with access to the international markets via the GGG Global Network.  The extensive network is based on long and established relationships with financial institutions, corporations, and individuals.  GGG’s positive reputation in the market provides our portfolio companies with access to a wealth of valuable contacts, new markets, banking relationships, and strategic acquisition opportunities.

Financial and Corporate Strategy and Planning

Gerber Goldschmidt Group provides managerial and specialist expertise adding real value to businesses.  The experience of the GGG management team and their proven track record provide support to portfolio company managers in their corporate and strategic planning decisions.  By providing specific specialist expertise, with the support of management, the group actively seeks to improve and optimize businesses debt structure, cost structure, supply chain management, and organizational structure.  GGG additionally provides support that aligns with the long-term interests of the portfolio businesses, including carefully planned exit strategies.