Textiles, Apparel, Safety Clothing and Workwear

Gerber Goldschmidt Group invests in a range of products related to the clothing and apparel industry.

GGG invests in companies that sell through distribution and retail/e-commerce.  GGG seeks out companies that have a recognized brand and/or have expertise in brand development.  Best practices within GGG are shared in such areas such as sourcing, manufacturing, inventory management, human resources and information systems to create an efficient and scalable operating model.  GGG’s strong international supply and distribution relationships provide added value to existing portfolio companies.  Without limiting the scope of investment focus, these are examples of sub-catergories GGG invests in:

  • Protective Clothing and Workwear

  • Outdoor and Action Sports

  • Footwear/Accessories

  • High-end fashion