Gerber Goldschmidt Group (GGG)

An active and added value partner for our clients and portfolio companies.

Our Sectors

  • Food & Agriculture

    Food & Agriculture

    Gerber Goldschmidt Group has a deep understanding of the food industry based on over ninety years of investing internationally in food related businesses.

  • Textiles, Apparel, Safety Clothing and Workwear

    Textiles, Apparel, Safety Clothing and Workwear

    Gerber Goldschmidt Group invests in a range of products related to the clothing and apparel industry.

  • Industrial Products & Materials

    Industrial Products & Materials

    Gerber Goldschmidt focuses on acquiring small to middle-market manufacturing and value-added distribution companies in the industrial products and material space.

  • Financial Services & Banking

    Financial Services & Banking

    Gerber Goldschmidt Group supports its portfolio investments with working capital, project finance, short-term loans, and mezzanine capital.

  • Commodities


    Gerber Goldschmidt Group has expertise in soft and hard commodities in the international market that include commodities in the food, agriculture, beverage, metals and minerals industry.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Gerber Goldschmidt Group has acquired and seeks out commercial real estate as both owner-occupiers and for investment purposes.

Gerber Goldschmidt Group

Who We Are

Gerber Goldschmidt Group (GGG) is a premier investment and international private equity firm established in 1920. GGG seeks out transactions and partnerships with talented management teams with the objective of achieving outstanding performance over time.  GGG focuses on sustainable businesses that have long-term growth objectives with an opportunity for global expansion.